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Title: How to Modify that New Gun of Yours
Post by: General Cole on November 19, 2006, 06:36:41 pm
Modifying your new gun-
By General Cole

Okay, you just got back from Wal-Mart and you saw that new paintjob NF and bought it up.  First, make sure that you have a reliable brand of foam and many darts of the same size and OD.  If you already know your optimal barrel material and you have some great!  If not take the gun into consideration, if it is an air gun (the Magstrike is not an air gun, it is a plunger gun), find a barrel that is slightly loose, but your darts will not fall out of it, and see how that would fit into your gun.  If it is a springer, take your barrel and decide how to make your new barrel.  If it can fit very nicely into a coupler, it is probably good to use the coupler directly attached to your air source (for one shot guns).  If you have a springer, you might be able to put in a new spring for your gun.  If not, banding the gun is okay.  Play around with the bands and the gun and see how you can get them to attach to the gun, with one end attached to the plunger pull and the other end secured around the barrel.  If your gun is not a spring gun, but a pump gun (non-automatic), take out the pump and plug the valve.  Be very careful in doing this because over-pumping can cause explosion.  In these types of guns, you will want to use a looser barrel for your darts.  Using a coupler in these guns is very helpful.  If you think your gun is too large you might want to cut it down to a reasonable size.  Air restrictors in guns are common, but come in many different forms.  For a springer, look behind the original barrel for a weak and tiny spring attached to a round piece with prongs attached to it.  In air guns, look for holes in the original barreling and plug them with what ever is nearest.  In case you did not understand the dart-to-barrel sizes for the different guns mentioned before here is a list-

-Automatic Guns = It is probably best to use the original barrels for these guns, their tiny plungers and bad seals make it unreasonable to use anything else
-Pump Guns = Loose fit, probably 9/16 brbutt or SCH 80 PVC
-Springers = Tight fit, dart cannot have any travel between the dart and the barrel

Now that you have the gist of it, go and mod that gun of yours.  If you cannot figure out how to mod your gun, it is okay to use a mod from the NIC, but the more you tweak the mod to your darts or liking, the more you will like it.  Have fun, and do not be afraid of doing something completely new to a new gun.